Complimentary Add On List

hot stones/crystal warm stones

aromatherapy/ sports style stretching

reflexology/ epsom salt & herbal foot scrubs


Please choose a maximum 2 per service.

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60min /$90




Save $10 when paying the total in cash for any service

Save $10 as a monthly client

Choose a swedish, deep tissue, or a combo massage treatment.

Then choose an add on to make it perfect:

Hot stones, aromatherapy, epsom salt foot scrubs, reflexology, cupping, facial Gua Sha, muscle balm, sinus relief, energy tuning, or balancing crystal warm stones and more!

A light massage to help the flow of lymphatic fluid in areas where there is swelling aiding in natural detoxification and allowing the body to better defend itself and heal. Including an epsom body scrub followed by a bit of movement of joints and very light stokes towards lymph nodes creating a pump to help flush. In a 90 minute session the raindrop technique is used as well. This is a powerfully cleansing and balancing treatment that uses the application of therapeutic grade essential oils to the neck, spine, back and feet in a rhythmic pattern of Swedish style strokes. The therapeutic oils used are high in phenols hence, cleanse cellular receptor sites and enhance the lymphatic system. 

Anti Inflammatory, acne fighting, and skin toning are just a few benefits you can get with a CBD Facial. Try one of the hottest trends in the market for a special price this month 

60 minute $80/cash

Each facial is tailored to your specific needs with your choice of LED Therapy or Microdermabrasion if recommended after skin analysis.

Reiki, Reflexology, and Table Shiatsu. Healing techniques based on the principle that the therapist acts as a channel for energy to flow into the patient by means of light pressured touch, or compressions on energy meridians which removes energy blockages and activates the natural healing processes of the body and restores physical and emotional well-being.

This ancient technique is a deeply grounding and unique massage performed with the feet while the therapist uses over head bars to customize pressure and deliver long luxurious strokes. A combination of hand techniques can be integrated into the session as well. Perfect for those who love deep work but totally customizable for those that don't.

*Due to Covid we are limited in availability of therapists for couples appointments.

 Relax together side by side with two therapists that will tailor your massage to meet your needs. As always choose an add on to make your experience perfect. Facial/Massage combo treatments also available for couples appointments.

A deeply relaxing massage with gentle swedish style strokes, lavender infused coconut oil, and hot stones throughout to soothe tired muscles. Scalp, neck and shoulders focus. 90 minute appointments include a 30 minute lavender epsom salt foot scrub treatment to drift you into sweet somber...

For women in their second and third trimester. The massage is performed in side lying position with the use of pillows for support. Aimed at targeting problems areas common with pregnancy.

Now offering a prenatal pillow for the most comfortable experience for you and baby laying face down.

Two choices for the ultimate anti-inflammatory therapeutic massage. CBD only derivded from CBD crystals or a 1:1 ratio oil. This organic oil features the healing properties of California cannabis derived CBD, therapeutic grade essential oils for their natural terpenes and emu oil to penetrate all 7 layers of skin bringing pain relief directly where you need it most. The non psychoactive properties in CBD oil reduces pain, inflammation, and creates a deeper state of relaxation. If you've haven't tried CBD yet, this is a great way to be introduced to its wonders. This massage is sure you leave you feeling relaxed without feeling intoxicated.

A totally indulgent massage tailored to you with a custom blend of Swedish and deep tissue. Then adding hot towels, hot stones, your choice of aromatherapy, and deeply relaxing foot reflexology into this heavenly massage. You can be sure you will be feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


Specific massage to the shoulder, neck, and Intra-oral work (working inside the mouth) to help with releasing knots and relaxing the muscles that are connected to the jaw joint itself.


Carpal Tunnel 

Connective tissue massage targeting the pecs, forearm, wrist retinaculum, and hand to open nerve pathways and decrease pain.

Frozen Shoulder/ Thoracic Outlet

This is specific massage for the back muscles, neck, and entire shoulder girdle, rotator cuff muscles and connective tissue. Increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation, and improving range of motion. 

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*We are taking necessary precautions to ensure safety and require all clients coming in to wear face masks and for those feeling sick or with a fever to reschedule their appointment without penalty.

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