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Circulatory Salve

Use as needed to reduce pain by increasing circulation. Particularly good for repetitive stress injuries, arthritis, neuropathy, and myofascial pain. These powerful herbs work, together to reduce inflammation. relieving aches and pains.

Sm:$14 Med:$22 Lg:$30

CBD Salve 

Arthritis Blend & Muscle Blend. Both are available in 1:1 ratios as well as 2:1 or 18;1. Created with California derived CBD rich marijuana plants and carefully chosen herbs and essential oils, working together to relieve pain, inflammation, reduce stress and anxiety.


Strong Bone Salve

Use three times per day to help speed recovery of broke bones, fractures, sprains, and strains. Particularly relieving for arthritis pain. Comfrey is anti-inflammatory and reduces swelling while white willow bark provides pain relief. Horstail delivers silica to help bones store calcium, and St. Johns Wort soothes nerves and joints. Feel better faster! 

Sm:$14 Med:$22 Lg:$30

Sun Butter

Say hello to a whipped body butter that you can use before and after sun exposure! Not only does sun butter guard against UV rays, but it also nourishes, evens skin tone, and reduces fine lines, and wrinkles with no toxic ingredients. Sun butter is reef safe and skin safe. Please be wise about sun exposure and reapply often. Featuring non-nano zinc oxide which is soothing for skin and a combination of oils with natural SPF. This body butter can be used day or night.

 Sm:$14 Med:$22 Lg:$30

Radiant Blossom Face Oil Roller

Apply before bed or anytime akin feels dry or damaged to replenish, nourish,and protect. Reduces appearance of scars & fine lines. Evens skin tone. Vitamin E, C, and D help skin to rid itself of acne causing bacteria. Deeply hydrating, these oils are superstars at healing to regenerate skin cells and leave the skin feeling soft and supple.

Sm:$8 Lg:$12

CBD Roller

CBD crystal infused oil with herbs and essential oils, used as a spot treatment for painful areas or can be used as a balancing natural perfume which also assists with

stress management.


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